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From its establishment to the present day, Pikkart has developed an ecosystem of technologies and solutions that use augmented reality and artificial intelligence.
Pikkart-AR SDK

Before Apple and before Google, Pikkart was one of the few companies in the world - and the very first in Italy - to develop a proprietary software development kit for augmented reality, equipped with a CMS that allows perfect management of markers and content.

The SDK is the basis of Pikkart's AR projects, and it is also available for purchase by companies and individuals alike.

Pikkart-AR Discover

If Pikkart-AR Logo is the revolution of planar augmented reality, Pikkart-AR Discover is the revolution of augmented reality on places and objects: it is in fact an augmented reality and visual recognition software that allows you to connect digital content such as videos, photos, 3D models and information sheets no longer only to planar images but also to three-dimensional objects and environments. A perfect solution for the museum sector, for Industry 4.0, large retailers, and much more.

How does it work? Just take a few photos of the object or place you want to recognize and upload them to the software, which will automatically create a recognition model that can then be connected to augmented reality content.

Unlike other visual recognition and augmented reality software, Pikkart-AR Discover does not require 3D scanning of an object or an environment in order to recognise it, which makes it a lighter, faster and cheaper option.

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

For years Pikkart has been using deep learning techniques applied to automatic recognition for various industries, from the insurance field to manufacturing, with an attention also to cultural contexts.

Pikkart's research is culminating especially in two projects, AI4Safety, for occupational safety, and AI4Health, for the medical sector.


Augmented Intelligence for Healthcare

Ai4Health is a company that uses Augmented Intelligence to create innovative solutions to support medical research and the healthcare sector.


Augmented Intelligence for Occupational Safety

Ai4Safety designs Augmented Intelligence systems to provide professional services in the field of Occupational Safety.

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