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Pikkart-AR Logo
The revolution of Augmented Reality.

Pikkart-AR Logo is an exclusive patented technology that makes it possible to link up to a billion different pieces of content to as many copies of the same picture, discernible from the other because of steganographic details that can be recognised only by the Pikkart-AR Logo software.

How does it work?

The Pikkart-AR Logo software generates a steganographic trace for every different copy of the picture, different pixel combinations indiscernible by the human eye but immediately recognisable by the corresponding app.

Pointing the camera to the marker, the app recognises the picture, reads the steganographic trace, then shows the content.

By using Pikkar-AR Logo you can:
  • link different augmented reality experiences to the same brand
  • add a layer of protection against counterfeited products
  • keep track of goods in the supply chain
  • and much more!
A flexible technology

A versatile augmented reality software, suitable for blockchain as well as marketing.

This is AR Logo.

The rivolution

How does augmented reality on print usually work?

Every picture is matched with a piece of digital content, which means that different copies of that picture will always show the same content, the same picture, the same video, the same link.

Not wit AR Logo.

// Abbiamo reinventato la realtà

Siamo pronti a portare il tuo prodotto nel futuro!


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