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Pikkart at Seeds & Chips, Augmented Reality and Food Innovation


Augmented Reality is an highly flexible technology. We have used it for the culture and education sector, for showrooms and exhibits, even in the sports field, and in this event we have applied it to the world of Food. More specifically, to Food Innovation.

We’re very proud to have been technical partners of Seeds & Chips 2018, the agro-food innovation summit that took place in Milan at Milano Congressi on May 7-10 and had speakers of the caliber of Howard Schultz and John Kerry (last year the main guest was Barack Obama himself).


Seeds & Chips used our augmented reality technology to “augment” the summit’s official pamphlet and three special panels with videos and other content, like American Chef Jenny Dorsey’s no-waste recipes. Visitors simply had to download the new app Pikkart AR James, available on Android and iOS, and point their camera to the pages presenting the AR+ symbol to activate the augmented reality content.


The main attraction of our booth was James himself, our Augmented Reality 3D mascot that comes "to life" by pointing to our phone grip gadget.

Pikkart AR James is integrated with our Pikkart-AR Logo feature, a great solution for the food industry as it can be used on Packaging, Traceability, Anti-Counterfeit, Storytelling, and Branding.

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